“I believe in legacies, every day is a chance to leave a mark on the world.”

Uloma E.R Nwosu

Group Managing Director

“I believe in legacies, every day is a chance to leave a mark on the world.”

Uloma E.R Nwosu

Group Managing Director

About The UL Group

We are a global brand that provides superlative services and benefits in the areas of Education, Hospitality, Media, Space creation and Interiors, through her subsidiaries.

We are a conglomerate of different companies operating in key industries with a distinctive range of quality service delivery. Our interest in multiple and intertwining industries signifies our sense of dynamism and undisputed versatility, ensuring that the increasing demands of the populace and our clientele are met with excellent precision.

Our subsidiaries include: The Aretean, East High Academy, Kid City, Willow Wood Hotel, Westbrook Hotels, Reach Media, Tropic Galleria, House of Freeda, Walshblanc.

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Our Business Focus Areas

  • Education
  • Hospitality
  • Media
  • Space Creation
  • Interiors

Our Core Values

At the UL Group we owe the duty and obligation to provide top-notch services, even as we make ourselves accountable to our clients.

At the UL Group we work as one cohesive team from the smallest unit to the Board of directors while developing and retaining leaders who continually raise the bar, and achieve goals. We are dedicated to maintaining a caring and supportive work environment that fosters the sharing of ideas, skills, and resources.

We insist on giving the best quality and delivery standards to our clients. If it won’t come out excellent, we rather not engage in it at all.

We put in extra effort to honor our commitments and fulfill the demands of the brand we represent. When it comes to delivering what we promised we cannot deny who we are.

At the UL Group we are known for birthing new ideas and frontiers, and this is because creativity and innovation are at the center of our value system.

01. Education

The Aretean

The Aretean as a name and vision was derived from the Ancient Greek concept “Arete”, which refers to “Excellence of any kind”.

Kid City

The first and only “Learning Through Play” Centre of its kind in Nigeria. Through a variety of hands-on activities, educational programs, and clubs designed for children ages 0–12.

East High Academy

A British-Nigerian-based leadership school with a curriculum that effectively meets the academic need of the scholars.

02. Hospitality

Willow Wood Hotel

Four-star pearl of the Eastern Heartland sophisticated with 90 rooms of fascinating ambiance for your premium comfort and satisfaction.

Westbrook Hotels

With the premium excellence and out-of-the-world ambiance experienced at Westbrook Hotel Owerri and West brook by Jbass Abuja, UL Group has earned a great reputation as a hospitality hub in Africa

03. Media

Reach Media

The leading multimedia, broadcast, and digital media agency in the South East of Nigeria.

04. Space Creation

Tropic Galleria

You're in for a shopping experience unlike any other in Nigeria, including a unique collection of retailers and an exquisite selection of restaurants.

House of Freeda

State-of-the-art shopping mall; showcasing a selected mix of retailers, the best local and international brands, restaurants, and live performances.

06. Interiors


Delivering superlative results in the areas of construction, Interior, Property Management & Modern Concierge Services.

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