THE ARETEAN, Pinnacle of success


Pinnacle of success….

Delivery of quality and holistic education at Ivy league standard, excellence being our watchword, no compromise is made when it comes to this, we don’t settle for less at all.

The Aretean Schools has the vision of empowering a community that nurtures globally innovative and creative minds.

As an Ivy League school, we are on a mission to consistently offer a moral and prestigious centre of excellence, an epitome of success where leadership, culture, intellect, and social responsibility are embedded in our scholar’s formative years.

The Aretean operates a British-Nigerian Curriculum which is delivered under five specialized schools

  • The ARETEAN School of Arts 
  • The ARETEAN Business School
  • The ARETEAN School of Humanities & Social Sciences
  • The ARETEAN School of Science and Technology
  • The ARETEAN School of Sports

We nurture our scholars and their talents. We provide opportunities to grow in character, pursue holistic inquiry, develop problem-solving skills, leadership as well as in-depth content knowledge.

It is our goal that at the end of your child’s education at The ARETEAN they would be Arete scholars, grounded, well-versed, and prepared for a high level of success in any sector they opt 

Written by: Aretean